These conceptual abstract paintings intentionally leave a lot to your imagination. I created them with feelings and symbols of significance to me.  You can read explanations beside each painting if you like. PS: Please click inside frames for correct proportions.

Spring RainSpring Rain

Spring Rain

2016 Acrylic > Canvas 100 x 100cm Exhibited Apr 28th-30th 2016 at Aspects Art Show, Goondiwindi, QLD, Australia

Spring Rain is a vibrant abstract acrylic painting with textured surface splashing joy.

Spring rain in our subtropical zone can drip and trickle.  But most often lightning slams and wild rain sluices cracked red earth baked dry over winter.  Suddenly verdant green is everywhere.

Spring signifies new life, a spring in our steps and … a spring!

Moonlit MelodyMoonlit Melody

Moonlit Melody

2016 Acrylic on Canvas 150 x 90cm

Moonlit Melody is my Memento Mori (a reminder of our mortality). This symbolic abstract painting is large yet delicate.

It describes feelings of awe and insignificance in the presence of life forces.  Forces such as Moreton Bay Fig Trees and shoreline Mangroves on a moonlit night.

Trees with buttressed roots have intriguing hollows between their massive supports. This seems to me a door to another world.

Patterns on Acacia seed pods inspired veining on the metaphorical skein of life.  This thread flows from sky to ground and up again.

You might also imagine a Celtic harp in the composition.  Part of the atmosphere and title of this painting, a harp represents immortality of the soul.

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