Aspects of my Artist Profile are split below for reading ease.  Also, The Red Shoes painting beneath was pivotal to my path –
Artistic Context and Background
I am a mostly self-taught visual artist living and working on acreage in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland area of Montville, Australia.  Always creative, I studied Art through school, then broached Industrial Design before working in Advertising.
Clouds and Rainbows
Painting came unexpectedly to my rescue through illness in 2009 and persisted alongside full time work; until it became my major focus for a group exhibition Dec 2013/Jan 2014.  Unfortunately I broke my painting arm at the shoulder towards the end of 2014, so endured an enforced break (!) from painting for a year.  I didn’t stop thinking about it.
Professional Commitment
I am committed to and actively pursuing excellence and experimentation in my professional art practice.  I am a registered sole trader and member of the National Association for Visual Arts Australia.  Since 2013, I exhibit latest work publicly each year in group exhibitions.  From time to time, you can find me in Art Edit magazine & newsletters.

Jennifer Harris The Red Shoes painting

The Red Shoes Painting

2009/10 Acrylic on Canvas 60 x 50cm

Eighty year old Mrs Brown told her daughter she could NOT have the red shoes “as I might like to wear them”…
The amorphous mass of clothes and humble worn shoes in the wardrobe depict a modest life; while the red shoes symbolise hope, and dreams we cling to beyond the possibility of their coming true.
The Red Shoes painting is a true story.  When I first heard it, I was indignant, but as I painted, I realised we all have our red shoes…