Creative Clips is a collection of snippets about work in progress, observations, study, inspiration etc as I go along.  It is also a chance for me to thank some of the people who are part of the story so far – PS: Please click inside frames for correct proportions
Fairy FishFairy Fish

Fairy Fish

My output from the Monoprinting workshop was mixed – some good, some blobs.  For the blobs, I’m using my imagination and other media (in this case pastels) to ‘turn that frown upside down’ and create Fairy Fish!

One of the thrills (for me) of this composition is that it can be turned upside down, around again and still please the eye.

I’d like to thank YOU Benitta for being such a thoughtful person in general and specifically for buying me those pastels and watercolour pencils to cheer me on when times were tough.

It’s a Jungle Out ThereIt’s a Jungle Out There

It’s a Jungle Out There

The outcome from the Monoprinting workshop at Sonja Georgeson’s Maleny studio was delightful – learning processes without exams and a nice handful of people enjoying the treat of a day to play.

On top of the printed purple swirls, I uncovered (with pastels) a woman with her back to us – arms crossed as she nervously contemplates ‘out there’.  And… a woman facing us with hair blown across her face and arms by her side as she walks away from the ‘jungle’.  Ha ha!  You can click to enlarge. Do you see them both?

This is for my Monoprinting buddy Claire.  You are great.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – especially you!

‘Colour Coding’‘Colour Coding’

‘Colour Coding’

Everyone has a different way of working with their art. I work slowly from the stories in my head towards the finished result – carefully choosing colours, sketching etc, outlining what I intend on the canvas, then – hey presto something magical happens and the painting takes on a life of its own. Sometimes the result is quite different to what I first thought it would be – mostly for the better.

This is a mini painting of the background for something I’m working on at the moment. I did it to help see how the colours and composition would work. It has an underpainting of  ‘Pacific Blue’  (mmm Blueberries and Cream mixed with sky).  I try to use the least number of colours for most effect. I do love mixing colours.

This post is dedicated to my childhood friend Linley Rose; who saw my creative spark from the start and fanned the feeble flame with her breath of belief.

Endless InspirationEndless Inspiration

Endless Inspiration

Finally I’ve picked up my brushes again to paint my way out of the hole I’m stuck in on my current work.  In the vein of ‘ooh look there’s Madonna’ to distract you, Endless Inspiration is a photo I took yesterday over the layers of mist, out to the cloudy coast.  Mount Ninderry is on the left of the zoomed view.

Massive thanks to my Unca George who lives far across the sea, for including me in the family, giving me a living connection to my Dad and inspirational gratitude for life as it is in spite of daily challenges.

Glass PuzzleGlass Puzzle

Glass Puzzle

Getting ‘Dark before Dawn’ framed was exciting – until I realised that I now can’t find an angle where I can see the actual painting behind the glass…

The reflection in this photo I have called ‘Glass Puzzle’ is so pretty I might not be able to make my point, but having chosen and paid for glass to protect the paper beneath, I am so disappointed that I “can’t see for looking!”

I have since read there are many types of glass available but was told at the Framers’ that the ‘Museum’ glass that has no reflection would be totally unaffordable.  What to do?  I feel like “Break Glass in Emergency” is here and now.

I’ve tried non-reflective glass on other things and not been thrilled with the effect, but I’m sure there are always new solutions.

This one is for Ivor – the Go-To man who can fix anything!

Winter HatWinter Hat

Winter Hat

Suddenly it is cold in Queensland – well… relatively speaking.  I still have the postcard my brother sent me when he moved to Queensland – “It is 24 degrees and they think it is a frost here.”

So at the start of our six or so weeks of Winter, there is a scramble to find warm clothes and unusual items such as scarves and hats.  This made me think of a photo I took a few years ago in the much colder climate of Canberra.

I love the winter colours and textures in this and the shape caught my imagination.  It looks so like a knitted hat on a head to me!

This one is for Sue, who will soon need just such a hat on a trip to Kangaroo Valley.  Sue puts herself out to rescue injured birds whose plight goes unnoticed by everyone around her and unwanted pets ditto.

‘Simple Sights’‘Simple Sights’

‘Simple Sights’

A few weeks ago I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the raindrops placed just so in the centre of this humble Vinca flower…

This post is dedicated to Mum; who lives life to the full and from whom I have inherited delight in simple sights like this.

‘First Foot’‘First Foot’

‘First Foot’

There is a custom from ancient times called ‘First Footing’; whereby the first visitor across the threshold as the New Year begins brings luck for the year.

Well, here is my First Foot for keeping in touch with you about my work as it progresses. A simple symbol of the opportunity to share a creative life with you.  PS:  This sketch was an enjoyable way of practising foreshortening!

This post is dedicated to my Dad; who left life too soon, but left me with the legacy of delight in drawing for others, as he did for me.

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