Figurative paintings – allegorical, conceptual and symbolic renditions of people and creatures I have known.  PS: Please click inside frames for correct proportions
Pizza PrincessPizza Princess

Pizza Princess

2016 Acrylic > Canvas 152 x 76cm 

Finalist 41st Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards.  Exhibited Gladstone Oct 15-Dec 8 2016 Finalist RQAS Figurative 2016.  Exhibited Brisbane Sep 6-25th 2016

Pizza Princess is a genre painting (a painting of everyday life).  My painted interpretation of someone who contributes to life quietly, unaware of their impact.

I noticed the poise and style of this hard-working girl at the Pizzeria and asked her if it would be OK to paint her at work.  I had in mind a particular pose, but captured instead the observation you see here. Caught in the action of practiced balance, she closes the oven door while releasing the empty pan.

Special SalsaSpecial Salsa

Special Salsa

2013 Acrylic on Canvas 101 x 76cm

Special Salsa is a tribute to my Osteopath; a huge help during months of pain. She inspired hope by example and at the time was enjoying learning Salsa.

“Kind healer, self healer, grounded by love of the earth, inspired by dance, inspiring zest for life”

Symbols: Healer = Rod of Asciepius (leg tattoo), Self-healing = Miniature in her hand


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