Figurative paintings – allegorical, conceptual and symbolic renditions of people and creatures I have known.  PS: Please click inside frames for correct proportions
King Solomon’s Hat and The Giant’s GumbootsKing Solomon’s Hat and The Giant’s Gumboots

King Solomon’s Hat and The Giant’s Gumboots

2014. Acrylic over Charcoal on Canvas. 50cm high x 60cm wide.

Allegorical painting of triumph over adversity in pint size people …

The squabble over a hollow plastic ball ended in tears when she shouted “If you can’t share, I’ll cut the ball in half!!” (paradox for the Judgement of King Solomon).

Unlike the ending of the Judgement, his Mum was never one to make an idle threat; promptly dividing the ball with the bread knife …

Resourcefully he used his half of the doomed ball as a hat.  You see him wearing this ball-hat and wrong-footed in his Dad’s gumboots, his own wee gumboots abandoned in the background.

Master of MayhemMaster of Mayhem

Master of Mayhem

2014 Acrylic on Canvas 61cm high x 45.5cm wide

“This is my mat.  This doorway also.  When you are quite comfortable and have started eating, I will make my move to distract the dog and disrupt the peace …”

Some background to the painting and the draft version if you like in the Creative Clips gallery


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