Figurative paintings – allegorical, conceptual and symbolic renditions of people and creatures I have known.  PS: Please click inside frames for correct proportions
Growth through HealingGrowth through Healing

Growth through Healing

2017 Acrylic on Canvas 76 x 76cm

Growth through Healing is a symbolic painting.  A reflection of someone I find inspirational for her stoic growth.

Jacqui lives with pain at her door.  She pushes herself to improve her life and those of her clients in her Remedial Massage practice.

To this end she has been putting herself through Uni towards a degree in Exercise Physiology.  I find it inspiring to see her revel in learning and in this achievement.  You see her delighting in the textbook with many bookmarks.

For the painting, I asked Jacqui to show me her favourite textbook and she suggested we go outside.  She sat at her rough-hewn table – embarrassed at the attention. She is gently held in pictorial place by garden as a kind of hammock.

You might see some of the foliage echoes her dreadlocks.  You might also connect her ongoing personal growth with bands on the palms and rings on the wooden table.  And that the setting illustrates her connection to the natural world.

Reflecting her radiant spirit, colours for this painting are vibrant opposites.

Power Out Post InPower Out Post In

Power Out Post In

2018 Acrylic on Canvas 76 x 76cm

Power Out, Post In is a wry tribute to the resourceful staff at my local Post Office.  This painting is part of a series about people making the best of things at work and in life.

Montville Post Office is tucked into a corner of the local grocery store.  It is always jam packed and heading to Christmas, shelves are almost bursting.

On a hot December day when I stepped inside, two things hit me:

Firstly – power was out! – Interior barely lit by skylight and doorway.

Secondly – Kay was stoically receiving mail in the gloom, aided by fading scanner batteries.

Red light bounced eerily off tinsel and glitter, keeping silent tempo with red strobing from the battery-fed Christmas tree.

It was weird.  It was wonderful!

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