These conceptual plant paintings each have a story, which comes from my subjective perspective.  Colours and forms are somewhat distorted, yet still recognisable as being plant life versus wholly abstract renditions.  PS: Please click inside frames for correct proportions.

Waterlily WoodscapeWaterlily Woodscape

Waterlily Woodscape

2016 Acrylic on Birch Ply 40 x 50cm

Displayed online in Rotary Art Spectacular 2017

Waterlily Woodscape is layers of acrylic on framed birch ply.  This painting is a rhythmic translation of the Waterlilies’ patterns in our pond.

You might also see a landscape in the scene, leading to the title of this work.

I’ve let the grain of the wood show wherever possible by using transparent acrylic.  The flowing impression of the wood works with the leaves and pond around the waterlilies.

Colours are fanciful and quietly yet firmly opposed on the colour wheel.


Window SpriteWindow Sprite

Window Sprite

2016 Acrylic on Raw Linen 60 x 75cm

Displayed online in Rotary Art Spectacular 2017

Window Sprite is a sparse garden bouquet of the Australian native Grevillia Firesprite.

This painting is on raw linen and kept simple to complement awkward stems angled from the glass vase.

Some background to the painting and the draft version if you like in Creative Clips gallery.

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