These conceptual plant paintings each have a story;  which comes from my subjective perspective.

Colours and forms are somewhat distorted, yet still recognisable as being plant life versus wholly abstract renditions.

Simple SaladSimple Salad

Simple Salad

2012 Acrylic on Canvas 92 x 61cm

Simple Salad expresses exuberance and freshness.  I am inspired by simple spaces and shapes between the semi-translucent rocket leaves.

Reference for this semi-abstract painting was a digital image by David Newton for Rocket Soup!

Archival giclee reproductions @ Art House Reproductions

Ginger GemGinger Gem

Ginger Gem

2010 Acrylic on Canvas 60 x 50cm

Seen in both sunlight and shade, the tangled flowers of the ginger plant were exquisite.

It was a joy to create this mesmerising abstract painting of a garden stalwart.

Archival giclee reproductions @ Art House Reproductions

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